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Workshops for NW Teaching for Social Justice Conference

Dear Northwest Teaching for Social Justice friends,

Now that the school year is winding down for many of us, it's a good time to consider writing up a proposal to offer a workshop at this year's NW Teaching for Social Justice conference -- which will be held Saturday, October 18th, at Madison High School in Portland. Check out the website, www.nwtsj.org, and click on "Workshop Proposal Application" in the upper left.  Proposals will be accepted until July 1st.

We are looking for all kinds of workshops -- those that demonstrate social justice teaching approaches in different disciplines and at different grade levels, especially "underrepresented" areas like early childhood, special education, English Language Learners, and science education; those that offer insights about the state of public education and strategies to preserve and transform it -- test boycotts, teacher-parent partnerships, etc.; those that deal with issues that affect public education, like the school-to-prison pipeline or growing wealth inequality.
Recent workshops have included: Gender and Sexuality 101; The Cost of Stuff; Hidden Agender; Where Did All the Buffalo Go?; Teaching against Islamophobia; Trayvon Martin—Turning Tragedy into Critique; Revival of the Strike; Indigenous Peoples Confront the Climate Crisis; Slam Poetry—A Tool for Cross-cultural Collaboration; Supporting Undocumented American Youth in Uncertain Times; Talking about Skin Color with Young Children; and Scrap the MAP: How to Boycott a Standardized Test.
In addition to proposing a workshop, you can register for the conference at anytime: www.nwtsj.org.
Sponsoring organizations include: Portland Area Rethinking Schools, Puget Sound Rethinking Schools, Social Equality Educators (Seattle and Portland), the Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College, and Rethinking Schools magazine.
As an attendee of at least one past Northwest Teaching for Social Justice conference, you know how inspiring these are. Please help us make this upcoming NWTSJ another successful gathering.
Bill Bigelow and Linda Christensen
for the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference organizing committee

Portland Area Rethinking Schools has a 30+ year history of working to support public education and progressive reform in the schools. We are teachers, parents, students, community activists and teacher educators who believe excellent and equitable public schools are essential for all students to reach their potential and for the creation of a just and democratic society.